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Thirteen original songs and melodies.   All proceeds to benefit the Guereda District Hospital , serving thousands of residents and Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad.  

Tracks include: Tzedek Tzedek, The Island, Shabbat Hamalkah, Gemstones In The Road, Arrows Fly, Shalom Rav, We Are The Ones, Oseh Shalom, The Idolatry Game, Elohai Neshama, Invisible Lines, Sim Shalom, and Sanctuary.

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The Country Inside

A collection of our favorite songs.

Tracks include: A Handsome Man, As If, Behind the Bar, Benefit of the Doubt, Bring Back Love, Cherry Pie, Fan The Flame, Gather the Fragments, I Was Born, Meteors Falling, No Alibi, Second Sight, The Country Inside, and The Road to Hana.